Monday, June 24, 2013

My Biggest Thrill...

The Thrill of it All Blogfest

Today I've written a little piece for a blogfest that is near and dear to me. The Thrill of it All Blogfest is sponsored by my daughter, Heather M. Gardner, and another author, Tara Tyler, who have been newly published. Contestants were asked to describe their biggest thrill, real or imaginary. Read on.....

I could say that meeting Bishop Sheen, a popular religious television star and author at the time, and shaking his hand when I was a child was a big thrill.

Meeting Robert Kennedy and shaking his hand while he was campaigning for his brother at my college was a thrill, but it really wasn’t a big deal.

Getting race car driver Mario Andretti’s autograph and having coffee with Kenny Rogers before he become so famous was pretty exciting.

Having my picture in the local paper several times and my poetry and short articles published in the newsletter while I worked for the public library was pretty neat.

But, after 66 odd years of life, already having giving birth to two boys(as wonderful as they may be), knowing that for 5 generations in my husband’s family there hadn’t been a girl child born, I’d have to say, waking up from anesthesia and hearing the nurse tell me “You’ve had a little girl, Mrs. Skeels,” was, and still is, the biggest thrill of my life.  I love you, Heather.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slogging along... and loving every minute of it....

For any of you who went through the A-Z Challenge with me, I am officially retired and waking every morning to such happiness and inner peace. I then divide my time between household and yard chores, playing with my cats and enjoying the pleasures. The pleasures, of course, are reading, writing, card making, a little zentangle, some mixed media and a little scraping. Also have started organizing and cataloging supplies. Markers, paints, dies, embossing folders, rubber/clear stamp sayings. I love organizing and I found some wonderful stuff I forgot I had. 

I am about to take a course on line with Joanne Sharpe about lettering and doodling. I am signed up to do a few writing challenges in June and July. The hubby and I are visiting Charlotte, NC so I can take classes from Joanne at Donna Downey's studio in Huntersville, NC. That's about an 11 hour+ drive. I am taking an on line Twinkling H2O class from Dion Dior.

Am I missing work... who has time.