Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craft Store #4: Great American Stamp Store.

Facing the front.

 So, here we are at the last store. What a trip this was. Each store is unique, featuring what the staff likes and what sells best in that area.
Some have big paper selections, others, like this store, have a large selection of stamps. I suppose part of this is due to whether the owner thinks of their place as a scrapbook or stamping or combo of both store.

By the time I got here, I had bought most of my impulse items. but still hadn't crossed much off my list. I did find a few things that just had to go home with me. GASS is about 2 hours away so I may drag my sister, Alison, over there the next time she is visiting. In fact, all the stores are worth at least another visit. Just hope Gary doesn't mind the drive.
Lots of stuff. including Memory Box.

Why can't I work somewhere like this.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. My husband and I did other interesting things in between the store visits,  so if you like, follow along on the blog as I load photos and stories in the next few weeks. And thanks for visiting.