Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jersey Boys- what a rush....

The Hudson River

Hudson seen from the Metro North train

August Wilson Theater, Broadway, NY
The set of Jersey Boys
Wednesday, Oct. 26th, was just a wonderful day from start to finish. Gary and I had tickets to see Jersey Boys.

We left the house at 8:30 a.m., drove to Beacon, NY in a little drizzle which stopped right away. While we waited for the train, Jeff Doolittle comes by to catch the same train. He works very part time at my library. It was odd to see him there when I seldom see him at work- he works the weekends. He is going for his Doctorate. He will literally be Doctor Doolittle. 

We really enjoyed the Hudson River and fall color views, the train tracks follow the river right down to the City. The train makes New York City so accessible for us.

Got into Grand Central Station and as we are getting off the escalator, a lady rushes up to say hello. It is Wendy White. We knew her from when we worked in Cintichem. Haven't seen her in 18 years or so. She recognized us and wanted to chat. Still talks a million miles an hour. She works right there but it was still quirky that we should see each other after all these years.

We grabbed a taxi and went to the August Wilson Theater to claim our tickets. A lady there suggested that since we had our tickets, we could come back at 1:45 and avoid standing in line for an hour or so to get to our 2 p.m. seats. We liked that idea.

Found a McDonalds about a block away, had a light lunch and read our magazines until show time. Turns out, the theater didn't have an elevator, so Gary climbed the 40 gazillion stairs to get to our seats; his hip was really hurting when we sat down.

The show was so great. I have listened to the original cast recording so many times and our singers were very close to the originals. We both sure knew the songs and I sang along with the stars which was OK because most of the audience was, too. There is quite a story that goes along with the music. The whole show is very entertaining. I could see it again tomorrow.

After the show, we found a TGI Friday's to eat at.  I had suggested several restaurants, but he wanted to eat at a place where he was sure of the food. We both had steaks and they were excellent.

Gary decided that he wanted to walk back to Grand Central????? The temperature was just right, cool enough so we weren't uncomfortable. We walked slowly and stopped many times to let his hip rest.  On the way we looked at lots of store windows and building architecture, I bought a scarf from a vendor, and we talked with some people who just wanted to talk with strangers??? There's that neon sign on our foreheads again that says "We talkt
with everyone and take in stray cats."

At Grand Central, I thanked the police officers for being there protecting us (been doing that since the beef-up after 9/11). We had dessert at Junior's, a restaurant famous for its cheesecake- delicious. Our train was open, so we found window spots and waited about a half an hour until departure time. Got to see the water views lit up on the way back up to Beacon.

We got home to Goshen at 10:30. Could not have asked for a better day. We lucked out with the weather. Wednesday was in the low 60's and overcast but no rain in the city. Thursday was
41 degrees and steady rain, and the temperature at night dipped down into the low 30's and gave us our first frost.What a difference. We were so lucky.

Now I can cross another thing off my "Things to do Before I Can't" list.

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Heather M. Gardner said...

Sounds like a fun trip.
Glad you liked the show.
What kind of cheesecake did you have?