Thursday, August 18, 2011

Words to live by....


  I wandered over to Stacy Julian's site (from Simple Scrapbooking and Big Picture Scrapbooking fame) and signed up for a FREE On-line class called  Words to Live By.

                                           (Big Idea Festival)

Each day for the next 12 days her design team will be suggesting a word, share, wonder, less, give- so far. You can buy a kit to make up a little 6 x 6 album or download a template each day with the word written out. There are examples by the team and you are asked to submit a sample of your work.

Because I am getting ready for company this weekend, I have not had time to fill out any of my templates yet, maybe tonight. I like the simple way of this album and I hope to post it here when I finish.

If any of you are project free right now, stop by her site. Even if you don't scrapbook, you can always jot down your own ideas about the suggested words on some nice paper or a little notebook. Or share your work with me.

We'll talk later and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For the Ladies-In-Waiting in my family...

Good Morning to you on an overcast day. It was hard to get going today. I'm reading a great mystery book by Martha Grimes, a recent author discovery of mine, and it would have been perfect to stay curled up in my big comfy chair with the book, a cup of tea, several cats and the view outside the adjacent picture window. I was, instead, a good girl and came in to the library to earn money to feed the above mentioned cats.

While scanning through some other stuff I found a poem I wrote a few years ago. It works perfectly for Sydney and Adriana who are patiently waiting for their little ones to arrive later this year.

Little One,
Living inside my body, you are already someone very special to me.
Little One,
Although I've yet to meet you, to see you, I know you-- and my heart has already swelled with love that is brand new for you.
Little One,
Know you are constantly in my thoughts, on my mind. I breathe with you and move with you. I've enveloped you in a soft cocoon of dreams and wishes for you.
Little One,
Although I can hardly wait to see you spread your butterfly wings and soar, I treasure so this time we have together as one, as two-- just us.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What's on my desk this week...

Gary (DH) and I are preparing for a very fast weekend visit from my sister, Alison and her husband, Tony. They arrive Friday night and leave mid-afternoon Sunday. The four of us are going to a family party on Saturday and my grandson, DJ, and his parents will come over Sunday morning so this will be a very busy weekend. Going to bed late, getting up early to jam in as much sister talk as we can and maybe a few minutes in the craft room.

So the desk isn't covered with creating supplies, rather the To-Do list takes center stage. Straightening the house, figuring out meals, getting Gary to do a few projects will keep us busy. Alison and Tony are family and we don't roll out the red carpet, however, with five indoor cats, Gar and I spend a lot of time with the swiffer.

Our families call Alison and I Thelma and Louise because we love to go to workshops together which involves a 6 1/2 hour drive for one of us. It is usually me because Alison lives near a great craft store that offers wonderful classes and one of the Creative Keepsakes Conventions takes place about a 1/2 hour away from her. My home offers Gary cooking for us while we craft and DJ, my almost 6 year old grandson, who is great entertainment.

Alison is all cards, I'm a mix of cards and scrapbook, with an occasional decoupage project thrown in. We pick a lot of the same products and it is interesting to see how we use them. Our styles are somewhat different; Alison prefers clean, classic, elegant, gentle designs, I get into shabby chic, pastel distress, floral layers. Even using the same stuff in a class, our end projects are uniquely ours.

We both love to stamp and color- prisma pencils, copics, watercolor crayons, we are so there. This is not something new- there are more than a few years in age between us but I can remember us coloring together way back when. This is such a wonderful hobby for the two of us to share.

Hope to stop back in later this week with a card or two. Until then, bye and thanks for stopping in.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Turtle, Tortoise

     Hey Myrtle,
Is this a turtle
Sitting in the sunbeam?

     No, Sis,
It's a tortoise
Lounging by the stream.

     And look, Grog,
Is this a fron
Hiding by the hedge?

     No, Joad,
It's a toad
At the water's edge.

Still here...

Been busy creating in other spots besides the blog. Just a short poem today.

Today's the day to tell you

    How much we really care
About the little things you do
   And how much we really share.

You help us in so many ways
   And cheer us when we're sad.
We're with you through the Come What Mays
   And when the news is bad.

We're family first, no matter who,
   Whether friend or blood related.
Lots of love we send to you,
   To be constantly updated.

Hope you enjoy your Friday. I've plans to work on the blog this weekend. Bye!