Monday, August 15, 2011

What's on my desk this week...

Gary (DH) and I are preparing for a very fast weekend visit from my sister, Alison and her husband, Tony. They arrive Friday night and leave mid-afternoon Sunday. The four of us are going to a family party on Saturday and my grandson, DJ, and his parents will come over Sunday morning so this will be a very busy weekend. Going to bed late, getting up early to jam in as much sister talk as we can and maybe a few minutes in the craft room.

So the desk isn't covered with creating supplies, rather the To-Do list takes center stage. Straightening the house, figuring out meals, getting Gary to do a few projects will keep us busy. Alison and Tony are family and we don't roll out the red carpet, however, with five indoor cats, Gar and I spend a lot of time with the swiffer.

Our families call Alison and I Thelma and Louise because we love to go to workshops together which involves a 6 1/2 hour drive for one of us. It is usually me because Alison lives near a great craft store that offers wonderful classes and one of the Creative Keepsakes Conventions takes place about a 1/2 hour away from her. My home offers Gary cooking for us while we craft and DJ, my almost 6 year old grandson, who is great entertainment.

Alison is all cards, I'm a mix of cards and scrapbook, with an occasional decoupage project thrown in. We pick a lot of the same products and it is interesting to see how we use them. Our styles are somewhat different; Alison prefers clean, classic, elegant, gentle designs, I get into shabby chic, pastel distress, floral layers. Even using the same stuff in a class, our end projects are uniquely ours.

We both love to stamp and color- prisma pencils, copics, watercolor crayons, we are so there. This is not something new- there are more than a few years in age between us but I can remember us coloring together way back when. This is such a wonderful hobby for the two of us to share.

Hope to stop back in later this week with a card or two. Until then, bye and thanks for stopping in.

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