Friday, October 28, 2011

Where have I been....

Time is a very odd thing. The hour between 4-5 pm (5 being my Time to go home from my Library job) can actually seem to take days to move along. The second hand creeps, the minute hand seems to go backward. No matter how busy I try to make myself, Time does not move forward.

And yet, the time between September 23 (my last post) and today has literally flown past me, leaving me breathless (that just may be the cold that I have, again) and with so much to tell and with pictures I want to post, it is somewhat overwhelming!

Gary and I have had  visitors from Texas, we've taken a short vacation through Connecticut, been to see several plays, worked in the yard... lots of stuff for two people who don't do much of anything usually.

Since I already have something written about our latest adventure, thought I'd start with that.

So stay tuned as I blog back in time to September.

And as always, thank you for visiting.

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