Friday, September 23, 2011

Why I write poetry- Library

When we need filler in the Library newsletter, BY THE MILLPOND, Ian asks if I can come up with a poem or story. Many of my pieces come from having a deadline and a theme to work toward.

Nature’s Easter Bonnet Parade

The Snowdrops shyly start the march
    Their white hats peeking out,
From under snowdrifts
    Or the leaves that blow about.

The Crocus follow slowly with
    Their caps of purple and gold
Waving gaily in the wind
    What a sight to behold.

Then suddenly the Daffs are up
    Across the town so strong.          
Their brassy trumpets playing
    A familiar Springtime song.

And Tulips slide up next in line,
    Their rainbow bonnets high.
They smile up at the cheering birds
    Who call down from the sky.

Hyacinths bring up the rear,
    Regal in their crown.
The bumblebees come flying by
    And knock them upside down.

Hope you catch this yearly show
    The colorful bulb brigade.
Humans have nothing to compare
    To Nature’s Spring Parade.