Thursday, February 23, 2012

Loving my Letters in Progress...

New and old products I am using.
Look, Ma, I'm creating letter art. And coloring and doodling.
Watercolor & Bristol paper I've colored.

The cover of my lettering practice book.

My first page trying out all my black markers.

Writing the word "ART"

twenty different ways. DJ, my grandson, made up a few .

I can leave stuff black &white

Or color backgrounds & doodles.

Lettering in my grid book.
Bubble letters are hard for me.
Loving the graph paper.
In progress, using the papers I've colored.
I am so enjoying this class. I originally thought it would be useful for my scrap book journaling. Now after 23 days of the class, I realize my handwriting has improved, I've renewed my long lost love of fountain pens, I've started to use calligraphy markers that have been sitting gathering dust AND I have a reason to spray color on big sheets of bristol and watercolor paper. Not to mention doodling- I'm loving it.

I will need to practice long after the class is done, but I now have Art Journals to house all those bits and pieces of poems and sayings that I have collected for ages.

Joanne Sharpe has opened up a whole new ART outlet for me. I'm sure I'll be sharing samples as time goes on.

Thanks for stopping by,  Suz