Friday, March 9, 2012

A Newsletter Article

I am struggling with an article for my Library's newsletter. No big deal, but of course my mind is off on so many other things right now that I am finding it hard to just sit and output. I've got lots of neat cat photos to go with the article- it will ultimately be about how cats eventually take over all the best furniture in the house, including the humans, who weren't furniture before they adopted cats, but are now. I need to make it lighthearted and funny in spots and I thought if I warmed up here, maybe words would drip out of my fingertips and populate my page.

I'll let you know how things go.

Have a wonderful weekend, if I don't stop in again before Monday. Thanks for visiting.


Teresa Cypher aka T K CypherBuss said...

I think you're on your way! I smiled when I read this "...including the humans, who weren't furniture before they adopted cats, but are now." I got a visual, and my mind said, "Yep! That is the truth!"

Your scrapbook page photos from the workshop--a couple of posts down, are amazing! I have scrapbooked, and I so enjoy it, but there is never enough time! My granddaughter is 4 years old, and after she was born, I decided to make a scrapbook of her first year as a Christmas gift to her. My son and daughter in law cried when they opened it for her--she was 13 months old that Christmas. They tell me that she still sits and "reads" it--about when she "used to be a baby". What is more precious than that? I hope that someday she will be able to show it to her grandchildren. And now, the bar is set, lol, for any and all other grandchildren to follow...a scrapbook of their first year :-)

I found your blog through the A to Z linky-list. And I will forward your link to my daughter in law, who, although she doesn't blog, scrapbooks like crazy :-)

Heather M. Gardner said...

I'm not just furniture! This isn't it for me! Spoken like a true 'lap'.

Robyn Campbell said...

Your article sounds true and funny. (Cat person here) We live on a farm so we have lots of animals. Cats a plenty. Look forward to your A TO Z posts. *smiling*

Jennifer Fischetto said...

Mine think they're birds. They like to lie their front half on my shoulder. :) Hope your article went along painlessly, Suz.

Anonymous said...

You should have so many stories about your cats that I can't imagine you having writer's block about them! I liked the image of people being "furniture" too. (sorry, Heather) It's the truth, they even "knead us" like you would with a pillow to soften it up and get it just right before they sit down! I look forward to seeing your article in the newsletter. I know it will be adorable and will make me smile when I read it. Alison