Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday evening....

Oh, how I ache.

I was weeding today, a chore I used to love to do. Could edge the flower beds, be on my knees for hours, make many trips to the compost pile with the filled wheelbarrow.

A few years ago, I would have done 3 times what I got done today and still have energy to make dinner, do some wash, make some cards. Now, I'll be lucky to get back up off this chair. The knees ache, there is a soreness between my shoulder blades, my hands are cramping. Maybe if I take a warm shower after dinner some of the stiffness will go away.

Oh, look, what I did weed does look nice. Just around that one tree... another tree to go and then the long border in front of the house and then the circular bed around the crab apple tree. Hhhmmmm.

Maybe I can do a little more tomorrow.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

It's not pleasant when one thinks what we were once capable of without all the stiffness and aches.
Have a lovely week-end.

Suz said...

Totally agree.

Andrea said...

I din't know what made my husband decide to go do the weeding, but hip hip hooray!

Jessica L. Foster said...

That's interesting that you used to like weeding. It is nice to see the results of your hard work. Have a great day.