Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The latest with Twinkling H2O classes....

Still working on several on-line classes I took early this summer.

I highly recommend classes with Dion Dior. Here is just the beginning sample of what we are doing with the Twinkling H2Os. This group of classes has us making charts of the "Twinks", learning which are reflective, refractive, have more than one color of mica in the mix, how they blend together.
At the end of each lesson there are projects or homework. This was my first Mandela. Lop-sided, definitely not my best work. However, the Twinks were all shiny and twinkling.
 I didn't give up. Now this is more like it. I still have a ways to go with getting the patterns lined up correctly, but, at least I can see an improvement.
 We have moved on to a Still-Life. First we drew the fruit with water-colored pencils, then we wet those pieces and then filled in with Twinks. Then we re-outlined with the pencils.
 That's one of our homegrown peaches in front of the drawing. Couldn't resist getting it in on the photo.
 Jumping back to the doodle class I am taking with Joanne Sharpe, this is Lesson 11, Whimsical Doodle. Background is acrylic paint and then flowers, etc., are added with paint markers. This seems to be my least favorite medium. Don't like the acrylics. Prefer watercolor in all its forms.
 Working on this page. Haven't made a decision on how to color it. Maybe Twinks.

I'll be back with more soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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LuAnn Braley said...

New follower/subscriber from the #atozchallenge. Also, I'm a sister minion from another mother (AJ's Hooligans).

I love your artwork! I like doing papercrafts as well, but am very much a hobbyist (so far).