Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I got so much done on my 3 days off. I reorganized my side of the utility room and scrubbed the floor back there from the small flood we had. I cleared out and reorganized the Harry Potter closet under the stairs in my craft room. Took Gary to the doctor for a foot infection that sprang up over night (that happens when you are diabetic). One day on antibiotics and it is getting better.
None of that sounds all that exciting except I do love to clean and organize so it feels acomplished to me.

I worked on some of my art assignments for my online class with Joanne Sharpe. That was my creative part. Felt good to have large chunks of time to concentrate. Lots of lettering.

Also spent considerable time wrestling with my retirement demons, the little ones that sit on my shoulders and argue with each other through my head- "leave now"... "stay to June" for hours at a time.

Will post something creative here this week. People will start visiting for the Blogging A-Z and be looking for interesting content.

Thanks for stopping by. Suz

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