Friday, February 15, 2013

What Am I Doing?....

...That's what I just asked myself. I am already busy with home and work and trying to create art of some sort everyday and getting ready to retire sometime soon, why on earth would I sign up for the Blogging A to Z Challenge again this year?

That is a good question, guess I'll have to try to answer it, if not for you, then for me.

I signed up for another Letter Art class with Joanne Sharpe for the month of February. Each day she shows a video using creative lettering to make an art piece. You make your own with similar but your own ideas. I'm a little behind but happy with my progress. Get to use some of the various pens, inks and paints I have been collecting. Working in a 9 x 12" watercolor journal- bigger size than I am used to so I have to stretch my lettering. I've taken all of her online classes but specifically signed up for this one because February flies by when I am working on these projects. Will post some photos here.

I think I signed up for the Challenge for the same reason. I want to keep busy with outside of work things so I don't dwell on how many more days I have until I leave. No, not because I am brokenhearted about going. I have picked a date 3 times and I have pushed that date further away. The first, no one at work wanted me to leave. The second, I was a little afraid to let go of the money, I wanted to pay off a few more bills before my income takes a big dip. This third date is much more firm; I am so ready to go.

Anyway, I figure if I work on my entries in March, that will make March go quickly. I plan to write a continuing story, flowing from one day to the next using a plethora of that day's letter words. We'll see how that works.

Won't you join me.

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Andrea said...

In a crazy moment I signed up too! Looking forward to your posts!