Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Doodler Gone Mad....

I sure skip around on this blog, one day it's writing, another drawing.

Today I am posting the first of many photos from the Doodle Art and Letters class I am taking with Joanne Sharpe. I have tons more work to do for this class and I have learned so much already.
Joanne feels we have to unlock that 2nd grade art girl from inside and draw and color with abandon. Right off the bat, she had us draw a little dress that we might have worn back then to get us in the mood. Can't draw a dress??? She showed us a very simple pattern that worked for all of us.
Mine turned out to be something Cinderella might have worn for the ball, but it was"on sale."
This was entitled "Roots and Landscape." I am lucky, my sketch book is an 5 x 8". I can't imagine the time it takes on the larger books. This took hours, intense but so much fun.
"Sparkle Doodle" was done with new pens for me- Sakura Gel Pens. Flow very smoothly.
We are creating 100 tags on a jump ring. 100 samples of doodling as a Ready Reference tool.
These are leaves and lines.
These are hearts and stars. The star shape was hard for me.

Well, enough for today. I'll post another batch tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.


TaMara Sloan said...

These are great! I can imagine that the Roots and Landscape took a while.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh! I love the sparkledoodle sampler! The tags are such fun. Okay, I should've just said that I love all of it!