Monday, March 31, 2014

Goodbye cold, cold March...

Just dropping in to say I am happy to see March leave and very excited for April to arrive. But, before March leaves us, I promised I'd show my March calendar page without a cat on it, so here you are. Only have today to fill in and it is done. The plant reminds me of philodendron, one of the indoor plants that always does well for me. I'll  get my new assignment for April's calendar tomorrow morning, however, I have an idea of my own if I don't like Joanne's.

Joanne Sharpe's 2014 My Awesome Year Journal Class.
This is the beginning of my Trips and Travel Pages.
On the Travel page, I used a few Stamps by Judith to create my shore along the Hudson River and the train track.

I will be back tomorrow to start the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge. Hope you like cats because I will be featuring them in many forms for the month. Till then, thank you for stopping by.


Andrea said...

If you take the train to Buffalo, be sure to wave at us as you pass thru!

Suz said...

Hi, Andrea, where about on my trip are u? And yes, I will be taking the train in April.Thank you for your frequent comments. Suz

Blogwati Gee said...

Happy to drop by here from AtoZ. I have featured you, today, on my blog. Love your artwork. Have showcased a bit on mine there. Will follow you for more.