Friday, July 22, 2011


Sunday is my birthday, a rather significant one. Got to work through a lot of angst with this particular year. In the good old days, I would be able to collect full SS this year, now I have to wait til next year. Until recently, I thought I would retire this year-  I'd like to retire next year, but my knowledgeable girlfriend, Carol, says I should collect at least one year of SS to help get debt free before I leave the workplace. Sigh!

Wrote a poem a few years back on this subject. Thought you might enjoy it.

On my 61st birthday

The summer sun warms my soul
My thoughts begin to sway.
I'm lounging in my hammock, dreaming
The tension drifts away.

I'm thinking of the carefree days
When I was just a child.
The days when I spent hours playing
And I would run half wild.

Sigh... I open weary eyes to work
The office chatter loud.
My daydream of the simple life
Shattered by the crowd.

A few years to go is all I've got
Til retirement's in sight.
I'll be in my hammock, crafting
If my plans all come out right.

Last year I added a stanza:

Update on my 64th birthday

Life took one of its funny turns
And knocked me to my knees
My husband got the hammock first
He says retirement's a breeze.

So, on that retiring note, I'll be retiring to my bed. Good night.

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