Friday, July 15, 2011

Just some thoughts today...

A little history. My sister, Alison, lives 6 1/2 hours away. She is my paper crafting partner and she has the best craft store near her. Several times a year, I make the drive to attend wonderful classes at her store or to do marathon shopping with her. We both work full time, so sometimes these trips are rather quick and jammed full of  activities and half finished conversations. Many times we say we need a visit where we just sit around the craft table and play with our own stuff. This visit is just such a one.

Alison is here. She came Wed. evening and will leave Saturday afternoon. We are devoting large chunks of our time to finishing a few projects and trying out some of the new products that we bought when I visited her in May and June. Exclusive sister time.

My husband is very ameniable to this plan and occasionally feeds us. I am not worrying about laundry, work, dust bunnies floating down the hall or what my hair looks like- I am just enjoying her company. The longer I live, the more I know that memories are built out of these times and I don't want to miss a minute.

So, I m off to grab a toasted bagel and go make a card and a memory or two. Hope you enjoy your day. Thanks for stoppin' by.


Anonymous said...

Hey, got any grapes??? I thought blogs were supposed to be giving away "blog candy"... Where's the free stuff??? Just kidding, I love the blog and plan to visit it often. Such a talented sister I have, the cards and poems are always the best. You are wonderful - glad you can share it with the world! Alison

Anonymous said...

Mom...Happy to read your blog...I gonna stop by here whenever I have time..And you have a really good husband who feed you and Antie Alison well..haha. I have a good husband, Robert, too..haha..I hope to read your another stories here again..Have a super AWESOME time!!..Love Yoon.

Liz Fichera said...

Hi Suzanne, Nice to meet you!

Suz said...

A-1- How about some lemonade? Blog candy....How about an empty tape runner once used by your celebratty sister.

A-2- Hello to you. Hope you do stop by often. Not much stuff here yet. Have to build my content.

Liz, Nice to meet you, too. Thanks for visiting.