Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today is My Birthday....

Funny how things come together.
I'm most times a mother hen. I like to send birthday cards (homemade) to the staff at the Library where I work. I'm forgetful or I don't have the right card made up or don't have time to make one- I can give you 10 good reasons why getting a card to them doesn't work. So, a few years ago I came up with a brilliant plan; why not give each of them a card on my birthday. My day is half way through the year,  each card would only be a few months late or early depending on their individual date. This year I actually implimented my plan. Made 20 cards using an iris image as the focal point, each colored a little differently and then the cards evolved into individual creations. The project took months.. with me spending a few hours here and there to design, stamp, color, cut, paste each face, inside and back. Even wrote a little poem. Loved doing it, but I did get tired of seeing that iris image and I started in early spring so by the time I got to July iris flowers were not as appropriate to the season as maybe poppies or marigolds might have been. I handed the cards out on Thursday and they were a big hit. I certainly had fun celebrating everyone else's b'day.

What I didn't know was there was a plot afoot. The staff had taken up a collection for my birthday, bought me a beautiful pin (a musical staff with a pearl because I bring music into their lives at work {I hum alot}) and a gift certificate to Michael's. I was given my presents at a Dept. Head meeting along with other goodies.I was so surprised and thrilled with their thoughtfulness. They are nice peeps to work with, especially Carol whom I think orchestrated much of the surprise.

Here's hoping that whenever your 65th birthday gets here you have as many great memories of the day as I have.
Thanks for stopping by. Lov, Me

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Anonymous said...

Suz, I'm so glad that the work girls showed their appreciation for you on your birthday. They are good friends. I also loved the poem from the previous posts, especially the update with Gary getting the hammock. You should publish that - it's so great. I also liked your latest card with the blues and greens - awesome! Alison