Sunday, June 10, 2012

A view of my craft room, 6/2012...

I love my craft room. It is more of an area than an actual room, a long, narrow section around and behind the stairs in our renovated downstairs. It is always visible which means I try  to
keep it neat and organized at all times. Not only do I store all my craft materials here, but, I also display some of my projects and collections. At its wider end, it is the destination to the patio, with two french doors (see photo 1). This does make for inconvenience at times, lots of things are dropped off on my crafting table- gardening tools, cat food, occasional bouquets. The doors face east/southeast and the morning light floods the area- hence the blinds on the doors.

Photo 2
So, moving to the right from the doors, Photo 2, here is the first storage rack holding everything from old acrylic paints to magazines to pre-made cards, eyelets and brads and my sewing machine. I have a clear shoe caddy that is filled with bits and pieces of ribbon that hangs off the free end. All color coordinated.

Moving to the right, this is my coloring desk Photo 3. Made up of Jet-Max cubes and white shelving, this spot has great light all year long for coloring. The windows overlook daffodils and tulips in spring and then the knock out rose bushes start to unfurl and have constant blooms through the summer. I can watch geese flying in the fall and the snow piles right up against the windows. This winter, I want to put a hanging bird feeder here, just have to watch out that the outdoor cats don't think of this as a fast food hangout.
Photo 3 Coloring desk.

Photo 4 Cats can't reach the glass balls.

On the window sill I keep my button jars, color coordinated, about 16 jars. You can see my collection of colored glass balls hanging from the top of the windows. We've gotten them all over when we have been on vacation. They create rainbows when the light hits them just the right way. My small collection of Boyd's Bears is displayed in the corner shelf on the counter.I keep ribbon, flowers, more buttons and card envelopes in the drawers

Photo 5
Photo 5. Continuing to the right, I keep a variety of things. Stamp wheels, ribbons, my new toys for Letter Love and Color Love.

Photo 6
Photo 6. Next is another black rack with 8 x 11 paper, to be done projects and my grandson's stash of stuff. At both ends are shoe racks with punches.

 Right past that is my collection of Stampin' Up! stamps from when I was a rep. Still use them all the time. Photo 7
Photo 7

Photo 8

Turning  around, on the left is my bookcase filled with how-to for scrapping, card making and other assorted crafts. Also a display of cards from my crafty sister, Alison, along the stairs. Photo 8.

Photo 9

Photo 10
Photo 11
Now we get to the heart of the room, Photos 9- 12. my island cube space. Since the area is narrow, I decided standing was the best option to give my the most storage space. When the work gets detailed, I turn around to my coloring desk, photo 3.
The island is composed of drawers and drawers of stamp storage, two layers of workspace- the bottom one for sprays, inks, T Holtz stuff.
On the top is my actual spread out and create space. Fiona, our black and white cat, is always interested in what I do.

This has worked very well for me. When I am taking an online class, I put the laptop on the counter so it is right there as I create. I can make Joanne repeat a lesson until I get it right.

Photo 12
Photo 13
 On the back side of the island, Photo 13 is my Cuttlebug and Vagabond area. I store most of my dies here and the beginnings of my 12 x 12 paper collection way to the right end.

Photo 14
 Photo 14. This set of cubes holds the rest of my 12 x 12 papers. Between the island and this set is a closet under the stairs, which we call my Harry Potter closet, that holds my craft traveling bags. I go to visit my sister in Buffalo often and take 1/2 my stuff with me to play when I am with her.

Photo 15

Photo 16

Here is my computer desk Photo 15, where I am typing now and next is a display shelf  Photo 16 and we are back to the french doors.

Thanks for coming with me on the tour. Wish you were closer so you could stop in and create with me.


Lori Bradford said...

You have a wonderful creative space. I liked your idea of shoe holders so went out and found myself one.

Suz said...

That's great, Lori. It is always good to pass around how we work and store things. There is always just the storage idea you've been looking for in someone else's craft room.

Heather M. Gardner said...

You have a lot of stuff.

Suz said...

Wonder if I have enough years of retirement to use it all up?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your craft area! It is so organized and FULL!! I need to hire you to come and re-create my area for me. :-D