Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Calendar Project for 2012....

When we were in Connecticut in the Fall of 2011, I found a cute project in one of the stores. It was a calendar that had been stamped with Karen Lockhart Stamps- the itty bitty ones. It was relatively simple looking and I really thought the calendar had potential.

I bought 3 of the trays, anticipating Christmas gifts. Ha, what was wrong with me?
Of course, I couldn't go with the simple, had to do lots of cutting, stamping, undoing, redoing. I only had time to finish one before the Holiday and that is the one pictured here.

This is the one I created for Alison. I tried to incorporate things that were personal to her: school, books, vacation (August has fake sand under her beach chair), cupcake for her birthday in October.

This turned into a labor of love and I hope when Alison looks at it she will know that I think of her every day.
The sun was coated with UTEE to make it dementional.

I am now working on the one for me.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be glad to name products and stamps if anyone has a question.

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