Sunday, January 15, 2012

Taking down the tree...

Our 2011 tree.
I hate this part of the Season that is now over.

I dread removing the ornaments, turning off and unwrapping the lights from the tree. I get positively melancholy while I pack the ornaments away; a few are from Gary's childhood trees and mine, one very homely homemade bird of felt is from our first tree together, 47 years ago. I talk to the ornaments, tell them I will miss them, that it will only be 11 months and we will visit again.
(Photo 1, probably the biggest around tree we've ever had. Had it up nearly 4 weeks, very few needles fell. However, when we took it out of the house, it was as if it had been freeze dried. Hunks of branch broke off and there was no weight to the tree. Dessicated, I guess is a good description.)
It's hard denuding this tree.This year, Chris put up the lights for me, Heather decorated the tree, I had run out of energy. She talked about some of the decorations as she placed them on the branches, "Oh, I remember this" or "How many years have you had this?" This was a special year tree.

( Photo 2, New this year- Left: build your own snowman ornament from Alison. Right: 2 glittery pine cones from Heather's family. Tradition, Heather and I exchange an ornament each year and Alison and I also do it. So a little piece of you is there on the tree to share the holiday.)

When Pete was here, he saw a decoration- a chimney shaped music box on a shelf. He picked it up and said that when the time came he would like it. The music box represented Christmas from his past. I told him I had almost discarded the chimney several times, it was dilapidated  and had seen better days (haven't we all I, think now). I am so glad I didn't throw it away. It would have been a memory lost for him.
( Photo 3, many of the things I put on my tree are from a wonderful craft fair that is held in Buffalo each year called Christmas in the Country. I've only been to it twice, but, it is huge and the years I went they had all these little soft body angels with bells and lace and cinnamon sticks for legs and ribbons. Just so me. I also have quite a few cardinals. Alison and I think that Mom comes to visit us as a cardinal  [she loved them] and Gary and I have always appreciated them.)
...Well, it's done... the tree has been carried to the burn pile in the yard. I'll rearrange the furniture and then  box up the decorations while we watch the Giant's game this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll do the house decorations and put everything in the spare bedroom awaiting the move to the attic.
(Photo 4, Fiona sitting on a beautiful wall hanging that Alison sent. Gary had just taken it out of the box. Alison bought this at the Gotta Kiss Cancer Goodbye Christmas Boutique that her good friend Pam had run this year. Fiona knew it wouldn't belong to us unless it had a little cat fur on it.)

It is a new year and I am over my sadness. January holds promise- and a good house cleaning and decluttering will help. Sun is pouring in the window and I think I will go enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, you made me want to slit my wrists!! i could just feel your pain and depression oozing through the computer screen. Of course, it didn't help that I was feeling the same way about my tree and decorations. I am really trying to get rid of some of the things I haven't put out in a few years. Now that I read your piece about Peter and the chimney decoration, I am afraid to get rid of anything! from Alison