Friday, April 12, 2013

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge- Letter K


 to my second year in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Since I plan to retire shortly, I thought an alphabetical look back at my paying library career and a look ahead to my crafting and writing career would be a good use of my 26 days in this challenge, 26 wonderful words for retiring me. Hope you enjoy. I am looking forward to reading whatever you share this month on your blogs, too.

Kindle, Nook and Print Books- (technology vs an old comfort.) 
In order to keep up with the booksellers, libraries are furnishing e-books along with paper materials for their users. According to the customers, the ease of use, portability, convenience of having several titles in one place and the price makes them very popular. I do see the advantage of having a book on an electronic device. I would read something that way, I suppose; not ruling that out if it were handed to me.
Still, call me old fashioned or a traditionalist, I am very much a print book person. Holding a book in my hand, turning back real pages to read something a second time, having a beautiful bookmark to keep my place, seeing the book on my nightstand, bookshelf or inside my book bag gives me a happy feeling that a device doesn't give.
And, when we lose electricity, I can still read my book by the light of a window or by candle glow.

Looking ahead: 
Kindred Spirits- (having the same belief, attitude or feelings.)
My sister, Alison, lives about 6 + hours away from me. Several times a year, I drive up to visit, often for the sole reason of shopping together at a craft store, Buffalo Stamps and Stuff, near her. Alison and I both love to color stamped images and make cards. We chat and share ideas over a cup of tea. Kindred spirits of the sister kind.
I also have kindred spirits of the "crafting" kind from all over the world. They are all the ladies who have bonded together through Joanne Sharpe's classes. For each class, there is a Facebook group. We submit work while taking the classes, learning from each other as well as Joanne. Then we go back later and submit more work and make encouraging comments to the newbees who have just started their journeys into Joanne's wonderful world of creativity. We alert each other to sales at Michael's and AC Moore. We commiserate about how much we spend and how much we just want to be crafting rather than doing anything else. I would love to meet these women and share that cup of tea (or a margarita). What a great bunch of like-minded ladies.


Heather M. Gardner said...

I love my print books.

But...I'm enjoying the Kindle Fire that I won.

I don't think I would have purchased one.

But, there are books I can't get in print yet that I can on the Kindle.


DayDreamer said...

The trouble with kindles is it will leave people with no books on shelves to run your hands along and just rest your eyes on thinking about the contents within.
You have shown that a kindred spirit need not only be one we see in the flesh :)

LD Masterson said...

I'm a print book person. I have a Nook but I mostly use it when I want to read a book (usually written by a friend) that was only released in e-format.