Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge- Letter N


 to my second year in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

Since I plan to retire shortly, I thought an alphabetical look back at my paying library career and a look ahead to my crafting and writing career would be a good use of my 26 days in this challenge, 26 wonderful words for retiring me. Hope you enjoy. I am looking forward to reading whatever you share this month on your blogs, too.

Need VS Want- (Need-a requirement, necessary duty or obligation. Want- to feel a desire for, wish for.) 
Most retirement guides presume that your date is set by the business you work for, such as retirement at 65 or years of service plus age. The guides mostly tell you to get all your financials in order and then sail off into happily ever after. They can also give you a feeling that if you choose incorrectly, there will be doom and gloom in your future.
As of now, at the library, you may set your own date. I had to determine whether I had a real need or just a want to leave at this time. Found a book entitled "Yes" or "No" The Guide to Better Decisions by Spencer Johnson, M.D. It's premise is based on  making better decisions by using your head and your heart to answer some basic questions. It's a very small book and by repeatedly reading over the text, I have calmed myself down on my most troubled days or sleepless nights. The premise has helped me realize that I have thought this decision through. Conflicts with the Board take a major chunk out of my well-being; why jeopardize my health for another few months of pay.

Looking ahead: 
Necessity- (realization beforehand, foretaste.)
What will be a necessity... keeping myself on a schedule. Although sitting around reading all day sounds heavenly right now, I've seen what inactivity has done to my husband and others. My best work time has always been morning. So, no matter which hat I'm wearing- cook, cleaner, writer, creator, gardener, traveler- I want to get up in the morning and get my day going, with music in the background and happy thoughts in my head. I'll probably drive my husband nuts the first few weeks; who knows, this will probably be good for him, too.


Heather M. Gardner said...

I guess we will see.



Jenny said...

Sounds like a helpful book for all of us who need to sort these things out at some point or other.

As the morning goes, so goes the rest of the day, so it's good to start out busy!

Jenny at Choice City Native

Anonymous said...

You should also read "The Positive Dog". Some good stuff in that book that may help you in the transition.

Love you,

Jean said...

I like the idea of looking ahead!
You make it sound very exciting, actually, Suz!

best wishes,


Jessica Peterson said...

I agree 'why jeopardize your health for another few months of pay'. I hope you enjoy retirement and that you don't drive your husband too nuts in the beginning. :) It's a great chance for you guys to spend a lot of time together.

Have fun with a-z.

Suzi said...

Hey--good to find you through A to Z. I don't run into too many women named Suzi (with the same spelling). So it's fun to find another.

Good luck on your future retirement.