Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter N

Hello, Old Friends and New and Welcome to

and my 3rd year of  blogging in the Challenge. 

I love cats. I can't remember a time when there weren't cats in my life. Sometimes one or two, most times lots more. My husband, Gary, and I seem to be magnets for strays. Consequently, I have many photographs of cats and kittens that resided outside our houses and of those who, by the luck of the draw or paw, made it into the inner sanctum of feline luxury, our home. I have also written poems and stories about cats that I will share for the next 12 blog days with you. I am also looking forward to visiting your blogs to see what interests you.

N is for Nice Face...
This was Face Cat. We so wished she had been friendly. Wanted to pet this sweet face.

Fiona loves to hide and then peek out at us.

Linus' face may never grow into his ears.

What a contented face. Gracie loved this bunny to pieces, literally. Slept on it for years. She now sleeps between my husband and I just about every night.

This is Fiona's "Ugh, what is that smell face." She is not fond of sharing the house with other cats so she wears this face often.   

Thank you for stopping in and I hope you enjoy my pampered cats.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - 2014 


JoJo said...

Face Cat looks like a chimera. said...

Cute post, happy a to z challenge

Phoenix said...

Such cute faces! Love Linus' ears and that content look on Gracie! So loveable :)

Timothy Brannan said...

My kids loved the picture with the stuffed bunnies!

Timothy S. Brannan
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Kathe W. said...

Your Gracie looks like our Lucy!
We love our cats don't we!!! Yes we do!
Here's Lucy:

Heather M. Gardner said...

Hi crooked head!


Cecilia said...

Cats are not my cup of catnip but the strange things like me. I am not much of a pet person so the obsession with pets is something I cannot 'get' although i understand the theory behind it.

I would much rather collect toasters but I only need one.

I am glad you find so much pleasure in your fur friends. :)

Fe said...

I understand that cats gravitate towards you. We now have fourteen and a half cats living on our property which is half an acre. They are spread amongst three family members though. The half is a young feral female whom I rescued and who escaped out of a bedroom window tragically left open by my maid. She now lives next door and ventures into our garden very seldom. My prayer is that one day she will return to take her place in my family.