Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter G

Hello, Old Friends and New and Welcome to

and my 3rd year of  blogging in the Challenge. 

I love cats. I can't remember a time when there weren't cats in my life. Sometimes one or two, most times lots more. My husband, Gary, and I seem to be magnets for strays. Consequently, I have many photographs of cats and kittens that resided outside our houses and of those who, by the luck of the draw or paw, made it into the inner sanctum of feline luxury, our home. I have also written poems and stories about cats that I will share for the next 20 days with you. I am also looking forward to visiting your blogs to see what interests you.

G is for Guests...

Thought I'd include a few guest kitties today.
This is Hap, my niece Stephanie's beautiful cat.

My wonderful granddaughter, Emily, and Pirate.
Emily, DJ and Ninja.

WeeGee belongs to my nephew Brian and his girlfriend Sarah.
My daughter's cats L to R: Mulder, Ted (brother of  Fred), Squishy and Scully.

DJ is holding a tic. We examined it with the magnifying glass. We get both dog and deer tics. Always have to check ourselves and the cats for these unwanted guests.
This is Sophia who belongs to my sister, Alison. She has a great personality and talks a lot (so does the cat).

Couldn't resist this sweetie that was decorating someone's yard at HalloweenThank you for stopping in and I hope you enjoy my pampered cats.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - 2014 


JoJo said...

Ticks. Ugh. I hate those things. We didn't have them in Washington State but they have them here and I won't let my dogs off leash or walk them anywhere near woods.

Kathe W. said...

meowy nice! love those cats!

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Such cute babes. Hap's face is just darling!

Happy A to Z-ing!
herding cats & burning soup.

Phoenix said...

Love it that there is a Mulder and Scully! Beautiful kitties :) Rather ugly tick :(

Heather M. Gardner said...


Ugly tick.

Scully, Ted, Squishy, Mulder.

: )