Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 - Letter B

Hello, Old Friends and New and Welcome to

and my 3rd year of  blogging in the Challenge. 

I love cats. I can't remember a time when there weren't cats in my life. Sometimes one or two, most times lots more. My husband, Gary, and I seem to be magnets for strays. Consequently, I have many photographs of cats and kittens that resided outside our houses and of those who, by the luck of the draw or paw, made it into the inner sanctum of feline luxury, our home. I have also written poems and stories about cats that I will share for the next 25 days with you. I am also looking forward to visiting your blogs to see what interests you.

B is for Books and More Books...

I have a small collection of books about cats. Some are filled with beautiful feline photos, some with kitty stories and one particular book is entitled " I Could Pee on That." Its poems make my 8 year old grandson, DJ, crack up every time he reads them. I want to gather all my cat poems and stories together during the blog and work them into book form.


The Best Place to Read

Where do you like to read your books,
Under the bed or in little nooks?
On the couch or on the stairs
Or in your bed with teddy bears?

I like to read in the sun and the rain
In buses, on airplanes and on the train
I read with my hat on, or in the bath
or walking down the warm beach path.

My favorite place is my window chair
with some of our cats with me there.
With Jasmine and Trouble tucked in tight
And Margaret and JJ, my read is just right.
 By Suz

Thank you for stopping in and I hope you enjoy my pampered cats.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge - 2014


Andrea said...

Awww, everybody looks so comfy!

JoJo said...

Must be nice n warm too, all those cats snuggled up!! :D

Elizabeth Cardamone said...

Reading stretched out on a couch in the sun with a couple of cats draped over me for warmth. Unfortunately, I can't have cats anymore 'cause my husband dislikes them. He's a generous guy. Even agreed to get a cat once, but it just didn't work out so we gave Louis back to the rescue from which we adopted him. But I do miss their companionable purrs and stroking their silky fur while I am reading. So relaxing. Enjoy, and I like your poem.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I enjoyed that and wouldn't mind finding out about that where do I pee book? Only because I have a cat called Pee Wee and he decides randomly to pee to make a statement. how many cats do you have?

PS hello from another fellow A-Z blogger, x

J.Day said...

Cats are interesting creatures, aren't they. My new kitten is quite entertaining until he tries to sleep on my head, purring as loud as he possible can. lol

Stopping by from the A-Z.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

I can't stop looking at your CATS!!! I loves me some kitty-kats, I really do. So great of you to give them all loving homes!

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Oh my goodness gorgeous herd babes! And what a hoot that book I Could Pee on That. I so need that! lol

Happy A to Z-ing!
~Anna@herding cats & burning soup
My A to Z:Body Beauty.

Kathe W. said...

OMG look at all these gorgeous cats!
I like to read either in bed or on our little couch that I can curl up in....Lucy won't sit with me- she's not a lap cat.....yet!

Birgit said...

I have a library-yup an actual library and I love to read but mainly about film, art, travel, architecture, crafting, history, mythology. I should read more fiction but I just keep going back to what I love. I have the I can pee on that calendar:) We have 1 dog and 4 cats-2 of the cats are rescues and our doggie is as well. Your one cat on your lap with the diffrent colours looks like our Lucy. I do rubberstamping as well and make cards etc... but also blad about stuff in general. If you wish to take a gander you can at

Suzanne McClendon said...

We're a cat house, too. haha The nice meaning of the phrase, of course. No matter where we have lived, the cats find their way to our house and make our carport the nursery. We can't help but love the little (and not so little!) things.

I enjoyed your post and pictures. Have a blessed evening!

Corinne said...

Another cute poem...I'm loving this. I wish I could write poems like this...but maybe I just don't have the patience.